Mission Statement

The Punjab Union of Journalists affiliated to Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Union (PFUJ) is the largest body of working journalists in this region, comprising media persons from print and electronic media, including news agencies, big, medium and small newspapers, weekly and other periodical magazines. With a current membership of over 2000, the PUJ can boast of being the biggest union of working journalists in Punjab.

PUJ is fighting for press freedom, social justice and rights of journalist in Pakistan, where journalists are facing many serious problems like life-threats, job insecurities, mostly journalists are not being paid according to wage award. Media workers are working without any health and life insurance in most organizations, so it is a long fight and PUJ is doing a continuous struggle for all these problems.

PUJ is also working for the betterment of woman journalists in this region, it is noted that the representation of women in the news media is very low, whereas the electronic media in Pakistan has made rapid progress. According to a survey conducted by the Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ), only 8.01% woman journalists are registered with established organizations working in the Punjab_ the most populous of the four provinces of Pakistan. It has an area of 205,344 square kilometers and a population of 91,379,615 in two thousand one, approximately 56% of the country’s total population.Such a representation of woman journalists in the Pakistan media is very disappointing so Punjab Union of Journalistswith the co-ordination of other national and international organizations are planning to carry out the development project to ensure the enhancement of women’s proficiency, security and their involvement in journalism.