Letter Of Endorsement

Formation of "Punjab Journalists Protection Coordination Committee"

UN Training Workshop Organized by Pfuj

The International Human Rights System and its uses for the safety of Journalists in Pakistan

PUJ Protests against Wrongful Termination of Senior Reporter Hussnain Akhlaq, Jameel Zafar, Shafique Chaudhry and Shakeel Ahmed by Khabrain Group

پنجاب یونین آف جرنلسٹس کے صدر زاہد رفیق بھٹی جنرل سیکریٹری خاور بیگ اور مجلس عاملہ کے ارکان نے خبریں گروپ انتظامیہ کی جانب سے چیف رپورٹر حسنین اخلاق، نیوز ایڈیٹرز جمیل ظفر، شفیق چوہدری اور سینئر پروڈیوسر شکیل احمد کو بغیر کسی نوٹس کے یک جنبش قلم ملازمت سے نکالے جانے جبکہ شکیل احمد کو خبریں انتظامیہ کی جانب سے دھمکی آمیز کالز اور جھوٹے الزامات کی بھی شدید مذمت کی ہے۔ صدر پی یو جے زاہد رفیق بھٹی نے خبریں گروپ انتظامیہ کو متنبہ کیا ہے کہ اگر فوری طور پر ملازمت سے نکالے گئے ملازمین کی تنخواہوں اور واجبات کی ادائیگی نہ کی گئی تو پنجاب یونین آف جرنلسٹس اس کے خلاف ہر سطح پر نہ صرف احتجاج کرے گی بلکہ خبریں دفاتر کا گھیراؤ بھی کیا جائے گا۔ اس موقع پر صدر پی یو جے نے دیگر میڈیا ہاوسز کو بھی یاد دہانی کرائی ہے کہ وہ اپنے ادارے کے کارکنان کو جلد از جلد تنخواہوں اور واجبات کی ادائیگی کا اہتمام کریں ورنہ سیکرٹری جنرل پی ایف یو جے ارشد انصاری کے احکامات کے مطابق ایسے تمام میڈیا مالکان کے خلاف شدید احتجاج شروع کیا جائے گا۔

PUJ Will Protest if Geo doesnt Take back Decision

The Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ) has condemned Geo News channel’s unilateral decision to sack senior and renowned journalist Faheem Siddiqui for raising voice against continuous financial exploitation of media workers.
PUJ President Zahid Rafiq Bhatti, General Secretary Khawar Baig, office-bearers and the Executive Council members termed Geo News management’s action against Faheem Siddiqui as “totally unwarranted and uncalled for”.
PUJ President Zahid Rafiq Bhatti believed that Jang group had a long history and rich legacy of standing up for the rights of people, but lamented that the current administration seemed to have forgotten its glorious past and is bent upon tarnishing its image by victimizing its own workers, who worked hard to make it Pakistan’s premier media organization.
Punjab Union of Journalists has vowed to resist Geo administration’s decision at all official, legal forums as well as on the streets till it withdraws its decision and grants all media workers their due rights. The PUJ has decided, in principle, to hold strike and protest demonstrations in favour of Faheem Siddiqui as well as to provide him legal support. “We cannot tolerate such draconian tactics to intimidate the journalists’ community simply for raising their voice for their due rights guaranteed under Constitution of Pakistan,” says Zahid Rafiq Bhatti, President PUJ. He warned the Geo administration to immediately withdraw this unfair action against Faheem Siddiqui otherwise PUJ will go on a strike all over the country.
The PUJ President Zahid Rafiq Bhatti categorically said that if Geo News management didn’t take its decision back within 24 hours, PUJ will take to the streets and stage protests until reinstatement of Faheem Siddiqui as well as fulfillment of the rights of media workers associated with the Jang Media Group.

Khawar Baig
General Secretary
Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ)

Condemnation of Geo's Initiative

Punjab Union of Journalists has condemned the initiative taken by the Geo news channel against renowned journalist Faheem Siddique. President Punjab Union of Journalists Zahid Rafiq Bhatti, General Secretary Khawar Baig and all the Executive Council members condemn the decision to fire Faheem Siddique from his job. PUJ has decided to strike in his favour and they also decides to provide him legal support. Geo organization have to take back their action. President Zahid Rafiq Bhatti Said we cannot bear this at all.. Geo Organization should take back their action otherwise we will go on strike all over the country. President Zahid Rafiq Bhatti said if they don’t change their decisions we will take the streets and stage protests within 24 Hours.

PUJ Strongly Condemns Termination of President KUJ Faheem Siddiqui