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Empowering Voices, Defending Press Freedom: Discover the Punjab Union of Journalists

The Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ) is a respected professional organization dedicated to upholding press freedom and advocating for the welfare of journalists in the Punjab region. With a rich history, PUJ provides a platform for journalists to unite, defend their rights, and uphold ethical standards in journalism, fostering a vibrant and free press environment.

The Punjab Union of Journalists (PUJ): Advocating for press freedom, empowering voices, and fostering journalistic integrity in the Punjab region.

Our Pride

PUJ: Strengthening Journalism, Safeguarding Rights, Building Futures.

Advocacy for Press Freedom

PUJ actively campaigns and lobbies to safeguard press freedom, ensuring journalists can work without fear or censorship.

Professional Development Initiatives

Through workshops and seminars, PUJ enhances the skills and ethical standards of journalists, promoting excellence in the field.

Welfare Support

Providing assistance to journalists facing threats or legal challenges, PUJ ensures the safety and well-being of its members.

Legal Guidance and Representation

Offering legal assistance, PUJ helps journalists navigate legal complexities and defends their rights in legal proceedings.

These are the cornerstones of PUJ's unwavering dedication to journalists and press freedom: